YO´ON is the fair trade project of the Mexican Observatory of Human Rights, an NGO founded in 2010. We use the advantages of international trade to advance in the promotion of human rights. For more information on the Mexican Observatory for Human Rights, please visit www.derechoshumanosmexico.org

YO´ON es el proyecto de comercio justo del Observatorio Mexicano de Derechos Humanos, A.C. (OMDHAC). Usamos las herramientas del comercio en la promoción y defensa de derechos humanos. 

Fair Trade Mexico

We have adopted its more common international definition: fair trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – especially in the South. Fair trade organizations, backed by consumers, are engaged actively in supporting producers, awareness raising and in campaigning for changes in the rules and practice of conventional international trade


Buy our products to support the development of individuals and communities in condition of vulnerability, and to support our work in human rights!

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We strongly believe that fair trade is a tool to advance in the promotion of human rights and the right to development. We invite you to spread our products.

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We support the 10 principles of fair trade


Principle 1:

Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers

Principle 2:

Transparency and Accountability

Principle 3:

Fair Trading Practices

Principle 4:

Payment of a Fair Price

Principle 5:

Ensuring no Child Labor and Forced Labor

Principle 6:

Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Women’s Economic Empowerment and Freedom of Association

Principle 7:

Ensuring Good Working Conditions

Principle 8:

Providing Capacity Building

Principle 9:

Promoting Fair Trade

Principle 10:

Respect for the Environment

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