In 2010, we founded the Mexican Observatory of Human Rights with the objective to establish a bridge between the society, academics and authorities in order to promote and defend human rights through litigation, incidence and academic research.

In 2015, we initiated a small fair trade project with two indigenous families from Chenalho, Chiapas. Now we are going further and we have established alliances with other communities and individuals in condition of vulnerability

The Mexican Observatory of Human Rights has been working since 2010: we provide legal assistance to victims, we are part of the United Nations Global Compact, we have carry out cases at the Inter American Commission of Human Rights, we collaborate with indigenous communities in Oaxaca and Chiapas, we have an online library on human rights, among other projects. To know more about our work in human rights, yo can go to www.derechoshumanosmexico.org



More than 10 years working in Mexico to promote and defense human rights (www.derechoshumanosmexico.org)


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We invite you to establish and alliance with us and support fair trade and the right to development through buying our products


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We believe that fair trade can be use to advance in a broad agenda of human rights


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Either to buy our products, or if you want more information about our work in human rights, you can email us: info@fairtrademexico.org

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